Best Divine Beds For Home Decor

Our divine beds are our safe haven, our definitive safe space, where we can just settle in after a really bad day, and let go of all our worries! On my days off, I love nestling up in bed, watching some Netflix, while crunching on my favorite snacks. I’m sure most of us share the same mawkishness. Our upholstered bed has literally always got our back. But finding the perfect bed can be an impasse! We all have different requirements when it comes to the ideal Bed in Dubai, and just because a bed works perfectly for someone else, doesn’t mean it’ll work perfectly for you as well. Hence, we’ve curated a various collection of super comfy, cozy, and advanced bed designs that’ll attract you into immediately jumping onto them. These beds promise to immerse up all your stress!

Abberton Buttoned Velvet Upholstered Bed

Abberton Buttoned Velvet Upholstered BedsAbberton Buttoned Velvet Upholstered Bed, this majestic luxury upholstered bed will compliment any decor. Upholstered in a deluxe velvet, with stunning buttoned listing and deep upholstery, the Abberton is a delicate bed. Hand made in UAE. Give your room a luxury feels with this stunning upholstered bed. The bed transforms your living into a luxury era, allowing you to efficiently use your space to work during the day, and catch some shut-eye during the night. This upholstered bed is very comfy and give very luxury look to your bedroom. The height of headboard is 130cm and feet height is 5 cm and can be easily assembled in any bedroom. This divine bed is velvet tufted and can be customized. There are different sizes in this bed like king size bed, queen size bed or medium size bed. The king size bed is almost 180x200cm, the queen size bed is 160x200cm and the size of super king bed is 200x200cm. You can check more at

Asher Stylish Bed

Asher Stylish BedsChic nail-head trim traces the contours of the upholstered Asher Stylish Bed, Up-field headboard featured on this contemporary navy-blue bed. Featuring soft and attractive fabric upholstery over every surface, the bed delivers a classy, vibrant focal point for any bedroom. Choose from Asher Stylish Bed king or queen size to best set the mood in a master or guest suite. This upholstery bed has very unique and premium stylish design which give your room a very luxury feels. You can customize the bed color, size or fabric as per your requirements. The size of bed can be customized but the mention sizes for king size bed is 180x200cm, for queen size bed is 160x200cm and for super king size bed is 200x200cm. These sizes vary to the size of your room. Check out more upholstered bed at Divine Furniture.

Aurora Premium Neutral Marble Effect Bed

Aurora Premium Neutral Marble Effect BedThis ultra-glam Aurora Premium bed is perfect for creating a luxury hotel vibe in your master suite. Upholstered in a sumptuous, neutral plush velvet fabric that frames a beautiful marble print headboard and matching footboard for a unique, statement look. The headboard and footboard feature an upright panelled finish and gold border for added closure. Its comfy style and luxury feel attracts anyone easily. This gives a very different feel for in your bedroom. Aurora with marble effect bed is very hot item these days. The sizes of this beds are for king size is 180x200cm, for queen size is 160x200cm and for super king size is 200x200cm. You can choose any color size and fabric and customized according to your requirements. Our shop is Best Furniture Shop in UAE.

Harlen Velvet Bed Frame

Harlen Velvet Bed FrameSleep like a king while adding amazing elegance to your bedroom in Harlen Velvet Bed Frame. The glossy velvet is supported by a polished metal frame, based on gold-plated legs, creating an amazing bed that is truly worthy of royalty. The unique gold-sided design of the rectangular headboard demands the attention of anyone who enters your bedroom. Harlen Velvet Bed is very hot item these days, everyone wants bed like that and the thing is this bed is very attractive which makes any bedroom more attractive with its luxury look. The sizes are also same like king size, queen size and super king size bed. You can customize it also as per your requirements like size, color or fabric. Check more at Divine Furniture.

Javier Luxury Bed Frame

Javier Luxury Beds FrameStyle and comfort go hand in hand in the striking Javier luxury bed frame. With its distinctive headboard featuring a cushioned pillow, so comfortable and supportive, this bed frame is the ideal place from which to watch a movie or enjoy a cup of tea, beautiful upholstery, cool retro-inspired details – and the amazing value price. This bed is very comfy and changes any bedroom’s attraction easily. Upholstered beds are more in demand that attracts anyone who enters in room. Everyone wants the bed which makes their bedroom very attractive. The size of king size bed is 180x200cm, for queen size 160x200cm and for super king size is 200x200cm. You can check more attractive beds at Divine Furniture.



These beds are masterpieces combined with fashion, art, design, and luxury. There’s nothing as great as a good night’s sleep, and we all need a good sleep.  Our body and mind need sleep to rebuild and repair. The bed’s mattress is the most important thing of the bed to helps us achieve a good night’s sleep.

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